Compile your own lessons. From now on, completely free!

Collect content

Gather the educational content that fits your lessons, self-made or straight from the internet.

Create playlists

In Listr you can easily combine your collected content into a useful playlist.

Share with students

Your students use the playlists that you share with them. Everyone is up to speed in no time.

Follow your students

In the clear overviews of Listr you can see at a glance who has been using the shared playlist.


A playlist in Listr is an ordered list of educational content such as exercises and instructions. Straight from the web or from the Listr Store, all tidy organized in one environment.
Whether you are a teacher or a student, in Listr everyone can create a playlist just as easy as using one.

Teaching material that you can use in your playlist

YouTube YouTube movies
Vimeo Vimeo movies
ClipScool ClipScool Math video clips
ExamTime Study Cards, Quizes and Mind Maps of ExamTime
Prezi Prezi presentations
Google Drive Files like spreadsheets and presentations on Google Drive
Link Articles and web pages
Text Enter text with our text editor
Files Files from your own computer
Quiz Multiple choice and open questions by our Quiz module

Follow your students

Every playlist that has been shared by you or your colleague comes with a nice overview of all the students that have been active in that playlist.

Listr Store (soon available)

In the Listr store you will find free and paid playlists and educational content from many content developers. The educational content can be directly used in your playlists. The diversity in educational content is huge, because of the wide range of topics and because of the wide range of content types, like practices, video clips and exams.

Do you create educational material?

Are you a developer of educational content wanting to know more about the Listr Store?
Leave your contact details and we will be happy to contact you.
Let's improve the educational environment together!

The team behind Listr

Listr is the result of hard work, a lot of fun, passion and team work!

Bas Verhoeven

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Sander Bontje
lead developer
Tamas Miklos